Star Wars vintage toys for beginners

Stepping into the world of Star Wars vintage collecting can seem daunting to even the most enthusiastic Star Wars fan. Like many hobbies it has it's specific acronyms and abbreviations which will appear on forums,  Facebook groups and even on product descriptions.

This is why we have put together this short guide you can use whilst navigating Music City Havens or searching for information about Star Wars vintage collectibles.

Vintage Star Wars collecting offers a finite number of items which were produced between 1977 and 1985. Kenner was the licensed producer of Star Wars action figures in the USA and their production was in conjunction with every film release. However The Return of the Jedi did not end the production of Star wars action figures as the production expanded and continued with repackaging and new products for licensed cartoons.

For a visual guide to Star Wars toys and collectibles made through the years we recommend visiting: Jedi temple Archives. This site offers a full listing of  the main toy lines produced since 1977 with detailed photographs and references.


Relevant abbreviations and terms:

SW: Star Wars

ANH: A New Hope (episode IV)

ESB: Empire Strikes Back (episode V)

ROTJ: Return of the Jedi (episode VI)

POTF: Power of the Force (series of figures (repackaged and new release) released after ROTJ

Trilogo: refers to loose figures or carded figures which contained three ROTJ logos in various languages.

Ewoks: figure series based of the Cartoon Ewoks

Droids: figure series based of Cartoon Droids.