Star Wars vintage toy guide

Star wars vintage toys produced between 1977 and 1985 are considered vintage. To many these are inseparable from the movies and hold a nostalgia quality close to our heart which explains much of its ever growing appeal to young and old.

Vintage toys are classified by condition, packaging and origin.

What is a MOC?

MOC stands for Mint  On Card, it consist of three elements: the card back, the blister and the figure and accessories.

These three elements are used by grading authority when attributing an overall grade.



How can I protect my collection?

Vintage Star wars should be kept away from water, and sunlight. To this effect you can keep MOCs in Protech Starcases or go the next step and use a UV proof acrylic case. This will avoid them getting warped or damaged.

Music City Havens gives a FREE acrylic case of every purchase of a carded figure  valued over 150 USD.

We recommend GW Acrylics for all your acrylic case needs, their product is used by collectors and grading companies worldwide.

Star Case

Star Case



Relevant terms and abbreviations:


MOC: Mint on Card

Complete loose: figure with no packaging but with all its accessories.

Incomplete loose: figure with no packaging and no accessories.

POP: Proof of Purchase, found on cardbacks these were collected to obtain mail away special offers.

12 Back: Mocs of the very first release of Star Wars vintage figures, they are highly sought after.

Last 17: the last 17 figures produced by Kenner, they are highly sort after.

MIB: Mint in Box (playsets & vehicles)

MISB: Mint in sealed Box


Relevant links:

You can find a list of all existing Star Wars vintage figures and the original card back they were released on in this wikipedia article.

The Imperial Gunnery is the place to go for reference when collecting loose figures and accessories.